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Cat Grooming

Despite what you might have heard, cats are similar to their canine counterparts in that they need routine grooming. Cats are known for constantly grooming themselves. However, when a cat licks itself, that is just what it is doing-licking. All that fur ingestion often leads to the Coughing up of hairballs, as you well know. However, it can also build up inside your cat and cause dangerous blockages that might eventually require surgery.

A regular grooming schedule reduces such risks and keeps your cat clean right down to the skin. Plus, it keeps their fur free of mats. Cats do like to be clean; they're much happier when they are. Imagine if you never took a shower or brushed your hair! That's how an ungroomed cat feels. They turn into much more social pets when they're clean.

Why Take Your Cat to a Groomer?

Regular grooming removes loose fur and dirt, smooths out mats and tangles, and redistributes the skin's natural oils. A large part of the grooms we perform are also used to observe your cat. As we groom your cat, we might notice burn scars from topical flea medications that we can treat. We might notice cats with badly matted fur-which can lead to health complications-and we can detangle these cats. Many cats are inflamed, which means they're on a dry diet, and in this case, we can recommend new diet options.

Cat Grooming Methodology

  1. Clip nails
  2. Trim paw pads
  3. Trim sanitary area
  4. Brush out knots and debris
  5. Initial rinse
  6. Shampoo
  7. Brush/Massage
  8. Final rinse
  9. Towel wash face
  10. Hand blow dry body
  11. Clean eyes
  12. Clean ears
  13. Final brush and fluff
  14. Light fragrance (with your approval)

In addition to our 14-step cat treatment, we also offer several other services:

  • Flea and Tick Shampooing
  • Full Haircuts
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • Skin and Coat Moisturizing
  • Belly Shaving
  • Paw Balm Moisturizing

We also offer a variety of special shampoos. Many of our products are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and natural.

Call us to schedule your cat grooming appointment tel:757-595-3337. We look forward to meeting and developing a great relationship with you and your cat!

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