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Cat Medications

If your cat is ill, we may prescribe or recommend medications.

Many medications for your cat are readily available at our office, and we may provide them at your visit.

Giving your cat medications can sometimes be a challenge. Most cat medications come in a liquid formula, but at times, the medication may be in the form of a pill. There are quite a few tips and tricks to help administer your cat's medication. Here are a few of them that should help you:

1. It is always easier to give a cat medication if you have help. One person can hold your cat while the other person administers the medication.

2. Place your cat on a smooth surface such as a table or counter. Doing this helps decrease the chance of your cat getting traction and running away.

3. If you need to hold the cat, snuggly wrap the cat's body, especially its paws and claws-in a towel or blanket. This should keep you safe from scratches.

4. If you administer liquid medication to your cat, slowly give a little bit at a time and let them swallow before continuing.

5. If you administer a pill, quickly open your cat's mouth and place the pill as far back in its mouth as possible. As soon as the pill is in
their mouth, close the mouth and gently rub their throat while holding the mouth closed. Rubbing your cat's throat will stimulate their desire to swallow.

6. Have patience.

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