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Advanced Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiography

Warwick Animal Hospital was the first veterinary hospital in the Tidewater area to offer digital x-rays. This is a dramatic advancement over traditional film x-ray imaging. Digital x-ray images are processed by sophisticated software to bring out subtle details not visible in x-ray film images. If necessary, these digital images can be instantly transmitted to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for examination and interpretation and STAT results are transmitted back to us within a few minutes.

Abdominal Ultrasound

For abdominal organs x-rays show the outside size and shape. Ultrasound can look inside these organs and can reveal problems x-rays cannot. Abdominal ultrasound can be performed here at Warwick Animal Hospital by a board-certified internal medicine specialist by appointment. The specialist can perform fine needle aspirates, biopsies and other diagnostic tests guided by the ultrasound. He will also review case history and can help guide treatment of a sick pet.

Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiography) Like the abdominal ultrasound, an echocardiogram looks inside the heart to diagnose the various types of heart disease seen in dogs and cats. A board-certified veterinary cardiologist performs echocardiograms here at Warwick Animal Hospital by appointment and can help diagnose and design treatment plans to extend the happy life of pets with cardiac disease. Dr Gustafson’s Yorkie, BeeGee, recently acutely developed severe heart disease and her life was saved by the cardiologist. Her disease is now under control on her medication regimen customized and monitored by the cardiologist.

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