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Pain Management

As a pet owner, seeing your pet in pain is one of the last things you want. Sometimes it is obvious that your pet is suffering. Other times, it can be challenging to determine whether your pet is in pain because they are unable to articulate their struggle. Because it can be difficult to measure your pet's pain, we recommend that if you even slightly suspect something may be amiss to give us a call (757-595-3337) to schedule a visit.

Our veterinarians can identify injuries or illnesses through physical examinations and conduct additional tests to determine causes and treatments. Your pet's health and comfort are important to us, which is why we offer various ways to keep them peaceful during their times of illness or injury.

Acute & Chronic Pain

There are two primary types of pain in animals: acute and chronic. Acute pain is pain that is recent or has been present for a short amount of time and is commonly associated with a newly developed illness, injury, or surgery. If acute pain is left untreated, it can exacerbate and transition to chronic pain. Pets can hide chronic pain from a long-term medical condition like arthritis as a form of predator avoidance; it is their instinct to hide the pain and suffer in silence.

Osteoarthritis is a common cause of chronic pain that affects nearly 40 percent of dogs. Your dog may suffer from osteoarthritis if he or she is limping, stiff, reluctant to jump up on a chair or to climb stairs, or slower to get up after sleep or a nap.

Acute pain is typically treated with pain medications and rest. Chronic pain can be managed with medication and other alternative forms of pain management to keep your pet comfortable.

Common Signs of Pain in Pets

Animals suffer from pain just like humans, but unfortunately, they cannot discuss their pain with us when they are suffering. Animals can suffer from surgical pain, arthritis, cancer, and more. It's essential to watch for common signs of pain to determine whether to seek medical help.

Common signs of pain in dogs include:

  • Whimpering, howling, or growling
  • Aggression or biting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Submissive behavior
  • Decreased social interaction
  • Self-mutilation or chewing

Common signs of pain in cats include:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Tail flicking
  • Hiding
  • Hissing or spitting
  • Excessive licking or grooming
  • Lack of agility
  • Reduced activity

We can use a combination of state-of-the-art medications and other modalities like a class 4 therapy laser to control chronic pain.

If you even remotely suspect your pet is in pain or if something seems "not right" with your pet, contact Warwick Animal Hospital in Newport News, VA, for help. Our number is 757-595-3337. We look forward to helping your pet live pain-free and comfortable.

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